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Oscillation: An altering rhythm- INTER_SITE at The Counting House

  • 5PM-7PM
  • May 19th

Oscillation: An altering rhythm, a site-specific performative exhibition and event by visual arts collective Inter_Site in The Counting House.

Oscillation: An altering rhythm attempts to reconcile an internal rhythm in the face of precarity. Felix Guatarri speaks of chaosmosis as the process of rebalancing the osmosis between the mind and chaos. How do we navigate breath, pulse, pace, amidst the speed and fluctuation of our external environment? By what means can we reground and rebalance amidst oscillating crises, in a world that alters faster than we adapt.

Taking over a floor of the newly renovated Counting House space, inter_site will stage an exhibition and event utilising a dynamic mix of video projection, spoken word, installation and sound. As a site responsive art collective, the artwork considers the surrounding environment, history and social aspects of the space.

inter_site is an artist collective based in Cork City established by Pádraic Barrett, Deirdre Breen, Aoife Claffey and Kate McElroy. They create interventions and exhibitions responding to the current environmental, political and social climate. They are interested in peripheral and non-traditional art spaces which can open up new ways of considering the surrounding environment and re-imagine our present moment.

‘Oscillation: An altering rhythm’ is powered by 5lowershop Soundsystem.

Image by Kate McElroy