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Spoon Carving / Carve a Butter Knife Workshop

  • 1 - 6.30 pm
  • May 18th
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Looking for a unique & authentic experience? Carve a beautiful spoon of your own to take home to use for those coffee beans or porridge oats

Learn the steps and techniques used to carve a fresh piece of wood into a spoon using hand tools.

You’ll not only learn a new skill to take away, but also your very own hand carved spoon to take home and use for your coffee grounds, take on your next hike or just to say ‘I made this!’.

Tutor Tom Sheehan will guide you through the steps and techniques used to carve a block of wood into a wooden spoon using a type of carving called whittling.

Beginner level class, no previous experience needed.

All skill levels (18+) are welcome, however, please note that this course requires hand-eye coordination and the ability to follow precise instructions with regards to safety.

With support from Creative Ireland and Cork City Council, this class is being offered at a subsidised cost. Full cost is usually €100.

Thing to Remember:

  • All specialist equipment and materials will be provided.
  • Wear shoes with a covered toe.
  • If you need glasses for close up work, don’t forget to bring those.
  • Please bring a hair tie if you have long hair and don’t wear your best clothes.