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STAMP on Screen – Cork Film Centre presents Artist Film Screenings

  • 12PM-5PM
  • May 19th
Past event

Cork Film Centre will present a programme of short films screened on a loop, by the following film artists:

Maximilian Le Cain
Éanna Heavey
Aoise Tutty Jackson
Etaoin Melville
Artem Trofimenko, Senan O’Connor and Sophia Santabarbara

Open to the public – no ticket required

Programme Details:

‘Solo for Water’ by Maximilian Le Cain
starring Aisling O Connell
2021  13mins

The water level is rising. Emotions are detaching from both the past and future, and floating to the surface. Sink or glide through the new depths – things will never be the same again.

‘Known and Unknown by Éanna Heavey
2022  6 minutes 22 seconds

Experimental artistic film looking at the ‘Epoch of the Absent Father’ in relation to the ‘Crisis of Masculinity’ and the effect on men individually and collectively. Using found footage from interviews with men suffering from mental health issues combined with my own footage and sound.

‘Listen by Aoise Tutty Jackson
2021  18 minutes
Through three interwoven portraits this film explores the importance of ‘listening’  in connection to our mental health, spirituality and the current world climate. As we are invited into the world of these extraordinary, ordinary individuals, we are drawn into a liminal space which gives a new found reverence to the power of our inner ear and it’s connection with the heart of humanity.  If we truly learned to listen could we begin to transform the discord we are experiencing internally and as a planet?

Backbone’ By Etaoin Melville
2022 3 minutes 45 seconds
The theme of the film is motherhood and the value we give this role, both individually and as a society. Exploring the struggles and pleasures of becoming a caregiver.

‘Return to the river’  by Artem Trofimenko, Senan O’Connor and Sophia Santabarbara
Return to the River is an experimental film in progress by a collaboration of artists Artem Trofimenko, Senan O’Connor and Sophia Santabarbara. The visual piece at hand is a dip of the toe into the world where the film takes place.

2022 8 minutes
Quiddity is a new photographic series by artist Artem Trofimenko. The work investigates relationships, intimate as well as ones relationship with the symbolic world. It takes place within several instances of close collaboration where the boundary between the dream world of the subjects is thin. In collaboration with a sound artist Chloe Tetrault, Quiddity was developed into audio/visual performance.

Featured Image from ‘Solo for Water’ by Maximilian Le Cain