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Zine Making Workshop

  • 5.30-7pm
  • May 18th
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Zines (short for “fanzines” or “magazines”) are self-published books about any subject and can take many forms. They are the perfect introduction to bookmaking and the creative empowerment of self-publication. There’s a rich zine culture around the world, where everyone from artist, music fans, writers, journalists and poets are making, sharing and selling their creations. In this workshop we will make an 8 page zine from a single sheet of paper. Once we have created our stories and fold the book, they will then be copies and ready to share with the world. 

About the Artist

Elize de Beer is a Cork-based South African artist.  As a printmaker, book artist and sculptor, she belongs to the printmaking collective “The Printing Girls” in South Africa, “Press.On” and is a member of Cork Printmakers.  Alongside her artistic practice, she’s also a collaborative bookbinder and owner of Bookward Bound Bindery which will have a stall as part of the STAMP Market. She recently had solo exhibitions in Cork County Council’s LHQ Gallery and QSS Belfast.